No More Itchy Flaky Scalp – Rosie is Enjoying Her Life Without Struggling Everyday!

No More Itchy Flaky Scalp - Rosie is Enjoying Her Life Without Struggling Everyday!

Rosie came to the clinic, learning about our hair and scalp treatment, after suffering from the itchy flaky scalp for years. I am pleased to inform you that Rosie now has my guidance on how to maintain the scalp condition and on-going support when required.

I visited Shuna at Shuna Hammocks Trichology just 2 weeks ago after struggling for 7 years with a very itchy and sore scalp, which had been causing me great discomfort as well as making me feel embarrassed by its appearance. The condition had been misdiagnosed by a GP and the treatments I was given made no improvement, and in some cases made it worse.

At my first appointment, Shuna made me feel totally at ease, she told me what was wrong with my scalp (eczema) but that with her help I could be very much in control of the condition. Shuna took great care in demonstrating how I should be caring for my scalp and changes I could make to my diet to improve the inflammation caused, her approach was most informative and reassuring. I have been using her treatment and advice for just 2 weeks now and both my scalp and hair have never looked or felt better.

After years of 9-10/10 discomfort and no long-term relief, my scalp is now no higher than a 0-2/10 daily. I am confident again to wear my hair however, I want, without first considering if my flaky scalp would be exposed because there simply are no flakes to be seen! I would absolutely recommend Shuna to anyone struggling with their hair or scalp.

I’m absolutely thrilled.

Thank you,

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