There is a history of baldness on my dad’s side of the family and my hairline is receding. Can you help?

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Visitor’s Question

I am 21 years old and my hair is thinning noticeably on my crown. My hairline is receding more on one side as well. In general, I can tell that I am going through the process of male pattern baldness as there is a history of baldness on my dad’s side of the family. I can tell that my hair is thinning as I used to have extremely thick coarse hair. However other people might not fully notice the hair loss condition yet. I acknowledge that I will be bald in the future, however, I do want to try and do something about it now as I am still in my early twenties.

Shuna’s Answer

I am sorry for your upset regarding your hair.

I can help you and suggest we have a consultation in order for me to confirm the diagnosis and discuss treatment.

In most cases of Androgen Dependant Alopecia, the condition can be managed at home well. I would prescribe you a specific home treatment regimen and be available to you in a supportive capacity. Perhaps seeing you twice a year thereafter.

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