My daughter had Alopecia as a child. It looks like she is losing hair again. Can you please help?

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Can Irregular Periods Cause Hair Loss?

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Hi, Shuna.

My daughter is 17 and over the last 3/4 weeks has had hair loss when brush but a great amount in each brush. Although it seems to have calmed down now. I purchased some shampoo from the herb shop. She has hair thinning at the temples. I don’t want to worry her any more than necessary but I’m losing sleep over this as she had Alopecia as a child. Can you please help? She has also been worried about taking her driving test which she also failed earlier this week.

Shuna’s Answer

As a mother myself, I can totally understand your concern. While stress and worry can cause hair loss, it may be more thorough to have her condition professionally diagnosed with me, as I am not sure it’s been fully addressed since reoccurring.

The thinning condition may be because of the above or another condition such as female pattern thinning. This can affect anyone from the age of puberty and will not self-correct. It’s a slowly progressive thinning that results in the scalp becoming more visible. I can help her to arrest this condition and in most cases help to improve the hair density, also.

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