Losing hair after pregnancy – Is there a reason to worry?

Losing hair after pregnancy - Is there a reason to worry?

I am losing hair after my pregnancy. Should I be worried about a permanent hair loss?

It’s not unusual at all for women to experience hair loss which may begin a couple of months after childbirth. However, it is temporary, and most women should regain hair vitality between 6 months to a year after birth. But, if the hair fall continues even after this period, then there is a reason to worry, and specialist help should be enlisted to address the issue.


I come across women far too often who have been asked by their GPs to wait longer, and their genuine concerns have been brushed aside. There is a danger that symptoms of more serious hair conditions may get misdiagnosed for something innocuous.

Case Study

One of my patients Hannah had initially experienced hair loss after her son was born four years ago when her hair eventually returned to normal. However, since her second child was born 14 months ago, her hair loss worsened. The doctors said she should give it time, that a loss was normal when it started falling out. However, as it continued, she found her hair had become so fine that her scalp was visible too. Hannah was desperate.

Patient testimony

Many years later, Hannah speaks about what she went through during the time:

My daughter was born in May 2010 so had the normal post-pregnancy hair loss and then it all started again in the September that year. I had previously been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and was already taking thyroxine. Bloods tests Shuna arranged showed my iron was low and started iron tablets. My hair loss slowed a bit but was still bad and the pillow was covered with hair, it dropped in my food, on a desk etc.

Previously I had tried lots of things from the internet, over the counter. Nothing worked, my scalp was awful too, really irritated and sore. I saw a Dermatologist and told it would get better on its own and felt fobbed off.

Seeking specialist help in postpartum hair loss

My friend suggested paying for a specialist; I was in a low place and so thought any money was worth it. I found Shuna who was local in 2010 and never looked back. Having a diagnosis of Androgenic Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium helped me come to terms with things, as I knew it wasn’t all in my head!

My scalp is now much better, hair loss has slowed, and hair growth has increased. I no longer freak out when I see a hair on my clothes, and I can colour it, wear it up, down, style it and feel so much more confident about my hair.

Shuna made me feel comfortable in my hair again with her understanding, professional approach suggesting the best products for me and my condition.

Hannah, West Sussex

Please read a blog written by my colleague Kelly, for interest: Kelly’s Diary – Pregnancy, Hair Loss & Me.

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