Case Study 1: 51-year-old Woman Complaining of Hair Thinning

Case Studies

Patient Enquiry

A 51-year-old woman complaining of hair thinning stated that although the hair was not falling out when she washed it, over the years her hair had become considerably thinner and had led her to question her hair colouring choices.

Consultation Examination

I observed that the patient’s hair was generally growing well and the scalp appeared clear and healthy. The patient confirmed that at the back of her head, the density of her hair was exactly as it had always been, but that some grey hairs were now starting to come through. The upper region of her head from the crown forward showed too much scalp as the hairs in this area were finer.


Androgen Dependant Alopeciafemale pattern thinning

Further Tests

A visit to the GP to carry out specific blood tests, as outlined in my request letter

Home Treatment

Daily application of the anti-androgen solution

Patient Photo

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