Case Study 2: Mother-of-one Complaining Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Case Studies

Patient Enquiry

A 26-year-old lady who has a two-year-old child and wondered if her hair loss was caused by pregnancy. Her GP refused to carry out a blood test, and he said it was due to hormone changes while taking the oral contraceptive pill. She was understandably upset about this on the phone.

Consultation Examination

I noticed the scalp was slightly oilier than usual since the patient only washes it twice a week. The hair was in good condition, although there was too much hair loss upon examination. The density of the patient’s hair was reduced by approximately a third, as there were many shorter hairs present (this lady did not have any layers in her hair).


Telogen Effluvium (the hair staying in the falling phase of the hair cycle too long).

Further Tests

I will write to the patient’s GP to request specific blood tests. In the meantime, I will monitor the patient’s diet as it is too low in protein.

Home Treatment

Antibacterial ointment to use weekly, a more regular washing regime and to consider eating fewer dairy products and more red meat.

Patient’s Photo

Mother-of-one Complaining Hair Loss After Pregnancy

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