What causes puberty hair loss? And the things you should know about it hair loss during puberty.

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What causes puberty hair loss? And the things you should know about it hair loss during puberty.

I regularly receive inquiries about teenage hair loss. Anxious parents often tell me that their children are suffering from hair loss and ask me if puberty is causing hair loss.

The answer to this question is not simple. No, puberty is not directly related to a hair loss condition. Although the change in hormones for boys and girls could trigger a certain type of hereditary hair loss. Male and female pattern hair loss which contrary to belief can, in most cases be treated.

Some teenagers choose to express themselves in what they eat, for example following certain diet trends of excluding food groups. If a child decides to suddenly drop or reduce animal proteins or red meat, in particular, he or she can experience hair loss. Especially it can happen menstruating age.

When this occurs, in consultation I would be able to determine in examination how the hair is growing and whether the above-mentioned condition is present.

FAQs on Puberty Hair Loss

Question: Is hair loss a sign of puberty?
Answer: Yes, hair loss can occur in puberty. There are many reasons for hair loss and hormone changes are just one example of a trigger. Further, dietary changes due to increased body awareness in puberty can lead to deficiencies that can cause conditions such as anaemia.

Question: Does puberty affect your hair?
Answer: Yes, puberty can affect your hair. It can cause the scalp to become oilier and itchier, and the reluctance of some teens to wash their hair regularly can exacerbate this. The growth phase, in general, shouldn’t be affected but there are certain conditions that can be triggered at this time if genetically predisposed.

Question: Does hair thicken during puberty?
Answer: No, hair does not thicken during puberty. As we age, the hair can feel courser and the growth of grey hairs add to this, but the actual hair density is unlikely to increase from puberty – unless you were previously unwell or deficient in a specific vitamin that then coincidentally improved around the same time.

There are other teenage hair loss conditions, please check out the Knowledge Base section for more information.

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