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Your Question 01:

Please help! I have polycystic ovary syndrome, and I have been concerned about my hair for a while. Today when I was taking a shower I saw quite a lot of hair fall out – I’m anxious. I have been using 2% minoxidil, but it isn’t helping. This is adding to my already stressful life, and I don’t really know what to do.

Shuna’s Answer:

I can certainly help you. I would start by carrying out a full consultation to ask about your medical history, medications, family history, further lifestyle questions, including diet and nutrition, and then take a good look at your hair and scalp. In most cases, I can diagnose the condition and discuss treatment options that same day.

Your Question 02:

I came across your website and hoped you could help me? I am 38 years old and am experiencing hair loss as you describe in your section on the knowledge base- Telogen Effluvium. I have always had hair loss for many years when I brush it (it seems worse as I have curly hair and only brush it when I wash it, once a week). But recently, I have noticed an increase in hair loss, and it is very visibly thinner. The GP is not sure what to do as the blood tests he ordered came back clear. He advised I seek private help as said the NHS doesn’t cover trichology.

Shuna’s Answer:

Many women contact me with the same issue, and sadly also the same GP negativity. The blood tests depend on whether the right elements were chosen if they tested, for example, a full blood count (the most general and therefore cheapest of all for NHS) most patients’ blood does come back normal. I am more interested in things such as hormones, ferritin and inflammation markers.

One small piece of advice I can give you straight away is to try washing your hair on alternate days, combing through only when the conditioner is on and using a wide-tooth comb. This method and frequency will then give you a better way to monitor your hair loss as it will be significantly less.

If you are still concerned after a month of doing this, please contact me again.

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