Self-isolation and hair loss: You are not alone!

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Self-isolation and hair loss: You are not alone!

While I have always been an optimistic person and try to see the positive in every situation, during the last three weeks, like many people, I have ridden the wave of change and watched fear take over many households in the wake of the coronavirus. Many of my longstanding and loyal patients have contacted me wanting to know-how, as their consultant trichologist, I can continue guiding and supporting them at this time.

I believe that after all this is over, we will have a fantastic new version of normality, and observe changes in our attitudes and opinions. The outdated sayings “hold cards close to one’s chest” or “keep ourselves to ourselves” will no longer have a place in our future. Therefore, I plan to share more top tips for general hair care on my Facebook page over the coming weeks. I urge my followers, who may have historically been reluctant to engage and share their problem with their friends and family, to be brave and share your experiences and feelings on the subjects I will raise online. Many thanks go to those who have already provided videos and testimonials of late- you are making such a difference to those suffering.


Consultations for new patients have previously been at my clinic at Naldred Farm Offices in Haywards Heath. However, like many holistic practitioner colleagues, I have adjusted how I practice in the face of the current demand. I am now offering 45-minute online appointments. These include arranging, as soon as we are able to, an appointment for me to examine your hair further and take photos or use my dermascope, as required for recording purposes. This also includes, as my existing patients understand, my ongoing support. My treatments are for home use, so the guidance I give is easy to follow and is explained both in writing and demonstration videos. Check-up appointments are available on Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or over the phone.

One positive to come out of this situation is that I hope to see the general condition of our hair improve, since we are colouring it less, by staying indoors we have less exposure to the UV rays that damage our hair, and perhaps even -and I pray this is the case – we are blow-drying our hair less, and using fewer styling products, which can exacerbate breakage and affect the porosity of the hair. Personally, I am embracing the “air dry” method, allowing my hair to simply fall into the style it naturally wants to.

For those who have followed my advice to meditate daily, please continue the practice of grounding yourself and letting go. There is the most amazing place of calm and pure love within us all – now is the time to access it, no excuses.

Best wishes, Shuna

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