How to take care of your hair during the lockdown?

As a Trichologist, most of the patients I see at Shuna Hammocks Trichology are those experiencing hair loss, thinning or scalp conditions. However, general hair care is also important, as it may prevent or minimise breakage of the hair and encourage it to look its very best at all times.

Whilst as a professional I would advise that lockdown hair care shouldn’t be any different to normal hair care, personally – from someone with dark roots crying out for highlights – I can sympathise. It is indeed a time like no other when it comes to cutting and colouring – 3 months ago we would never have imagined we would be having a stab at cutting our husbands’ and kids’ hair and tying bandanas around our hair to cover our real colour/roots!

Hairdressers could never have conceived there would be a time that demand would be so high for their service, but that could not be fulfilled! I do hope my hairstylist can fit me in before I see my patients looking like the wild woman of Sussex!

Below I have put together a few brief tips, but you can find more in-depth info at my damaged and out-of-condition hair section.

Keep it clean

While there is the temptation to stay in our PJs all day, why not jump in the shower and wash your locks? One quick wash and condition takes no time and leads me onto my next point…

Air dry

Our old routine may have involved rushing to get to school or work hoping to look halfway presentable, but I wonder if you have ever considered why this is necessary? When using dryers, tongs and heated irons; are you doing it because you have a slight addiction to burning your hair each day, or do you feel frightened of changing a habit? Many patients of mine say they either want dead straight or very curly hair, but they also want their hair to be in good condition.

This point is to demonstrate that in order to allow breakage to grow out and not cause further damage to the root region, I suggest air-drying hair completely. Use a hair turban while you are getting dressed and the hair should just be damp after 10 mins and ready to apply styling and conditioning products if required.

Eat right

While baking things we’ve not had the time and patience for in a while has been fun, as well as dropping old routines and allowing kids to choose their own breakfast, your hair must still be cared for, since the stress and anxiety of lockdown will affect many heads of hair.

  • For carnivores: please consume two portions of protein a day, animal proteins help to form and strengthen the protein bonds that make hair. For example, 125g of chicken will benefit your hair for six hours.
  • For vegetarians: a portion of plant protein will only benefit your hair for an hour! So a chickpea curry should be topped up two hours later with something else; for example, carrot sticks and hummus.


Since the weather has been so wonderful, no doubt you are all protecting your skin with suntan lotion and exfoliating and moisturising it regularly – but did you know your hair needs exactly the same? I highly recommend an SPF spray such as this Philip Kingsley conditioning spray. This doesn’t leave the hair oily and can, in fact, be used all-year-round.

If your scalp sometimes feels itchy, there are exfoliating masks you can use and a weekly deep conditioning mask for the hair. This really is the very best time to revaluate your hair care routine and be sure you are on the right path to healthy-looking hair.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping your hair further. Please contact me if you would like a skype/zoom or facetime consultation to discuss your concerns.

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