Can I see an experienced Trichologist on the NHS?

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Can I see an experienced Trichologist on the NHS?

Unfortunately no, you can’t see any Trichologist on the NHS.

Many patients I see, report that the GP has not been beneficial. If referring to a Dermatologist – you would be fortunate to find a specialist of this nature who had a “special interest” in hair loss and scalp conditions or the experience with the various conditions I treat with the Trichology sector.

What is Trichology?

Trichology is the science and study of hair (from the Greek ‘trikhos’ meaning hair). Clinical trichology (i.e. trichology in the context of practising members of the Institute) is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the hair and scalp. 

So who is a “qualified trichologist”?

So far as the Institute is concerned, a qualified trichologist is someone qualified by and registered with the Institute. It is required that each year practising members attend CPD events to further their knowledge. These can be checked and verified on the institute website.

There are other practitioners who not associated with the Institute, who might claim to be ‘qualified’ but they are not recognised by the Institute as ‘qualified trichologists’ nor by other regulatory bodies.

Male and female hair baldness, hair loss, Alopecia, scalp conditions can all be treated at Shuna Hammocks Trichology.

If you feel that your hair is falling out too much, and causing a lot of upset, would you be prepared to wait up to 3 months for a referral? In most cases, I can book new patients 2-3 weeks ahead.

Seeing a Hair Loss Specialist on The NHS

The NHS can treat general hair loss conditions, however, do not have experience in such a special category such as hair loss and scalp conditions. I find it unfortunate that more doctors do not suggest that their patients should seek advice from a member of The Institute of Trichologists such as myself.

It is vital that those seeking help are sure to validate any specialist qualifications really well. There are far too many pseudo-clinics out there (including cosmetic therapists) who claim to operate as ethical practitioners – who turn out to be pure charlatans.

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