How much does seeing a Trichologist cost?

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When going to see a Trichologist, the fees will vary depending on the location and experience of the professional. 

When booking an appointment, you will be asked to attend a consultation first. Our consultation fee varies depending on the age group and the type of service. By calling or emailing Shuna Hammocks Trichology your particular case will be considered and the service you require will then be discussed with you.

A consultation usually lasts for 1 hour and during this time the Trichologist will ask lots of questions about your diet, lifestyle, general health and wellbeing. You will also have your hair and scalp thoroughly examined, sometimes using a high magnification device and at the end of the consultation, you will be given a diagnosis and an action plan on how to move forward.

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Many of our patients have previously visited their GP before attending an appointment at Shuna Hammocks Trichology. Unfortunately, at this time there are no Trichologists available on the NHS. Therefore most of our patients self refer rather than requesting the GP does.

Sometimes patients contact us for the first time have already sought the opinion of a dermatologist, and have either experienced a poor bedside manner, lack of experience and knowledge from the specialist or simply been prescribed something that has been of little or no benefit.

A Trichologist specialises in all conditions related to the hair and scalp, and lots of our patients wish that they had visited us sooner.

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