“Shuna’s name in my address book” says Jackie W.

How common is Alopecia Areata?

Jackie W. came to the clinic after suffering from patches of hair loss. After diagnosis and treatment, her hair loss condition improved, and she left a love message to other hair loss patients. Here is a picture of her hair loss at the initial stage of the treatment.

Like many women, told by their hairdresser that he had uncovered several bald patched in their hair, I went into panic mode.  Was I going bald, would it ever grow back, would it all fall out?  Luckily my hairdresser gave me Shuna’s name and website details, and I left a tearful answerphone message for her before I had even left the salon.  She phoned me back almost immediately and arranged an appointment for me to come in to see her.  She looked at the patches which ranged from a small 10p size to much bigger 50p ++ and said that although it was a form of stress-induced alopecia, in her opinion, they would grow back because there were signs of life in the baldness.  My relief was palpable, and we started a range of treatment which gradually built in potency as my scalp became accustomed to the new regime of washing and treating with Shuna’s range of products.

At first, the growth was thin and downy – much of it pure white – but Shuna assured me that the quality would improve over time and allowed me to dye it which made the patches much less obvious.  Gradually the hair regained its strength and although some has remained white, other patches have gone back to my natural dark blonde colour.  It was not an overnight miracle but regular visits and hand-holding sessions from Shuna guided me through the process.  She was totally honest with me and told me that after periods of extreme stress, the same might happen again but somehow the next time will not be as scary because I have Shuna’s name in my address book.

Jackie W.

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