Are Trichologists hairdressers? What are the differences between a hairdresser and a trichologist?

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I am so often asked if I am a hairdresser or began my professional career as a hairstylist- I am not and didn’t. While a large portion of my studies included hair science and the disulfide bonds are broken down with perming, the artistic side of hair I leave to those who spend their lives trying to provide the perfect styles for their clients. 

I am the first to admit, that colouring the hair really gives the look of texture to a hairstyle and if the “lockdown regrowth ladies” opinion of looking at roots for 4 months is anything to go by, vital for our well being and mental health too.  I totally admire the number of patience hairdressers have with their clients, especially when the client may have “had a go” at a home dye that didn’t work out or the hair is bleached from the sun having not protected highlighted hair. The cosmetic side of the hairdresser’s art really helps patients of hair loss to feel better about themselves and their confidence. It is a real talent to be able to provide a hair cut that considers what the individual can easily manage at home, following the salon experience. 

On the other side of the same coin are Trichologists, have studied many years of hair loss and scalp conditions, anatomy, genetics, nutrition, haematology and chemistry somehow squashed into 3 years. When qualifying with the Institute of Trichologist’s we have to be mentored for a further year before being let loose on patients and gain our status “MIT”. I consider it essential in gaining a patient’s respect and trust who is deeply concerned about their condition, the support I offer in the initial consultation and the responsibility of being vigilant for other underlying medical conditions ( that would need referring) is never far from my mind.

In our barn at Naldred Farm Offices, we joke that on one side of the building “we grow hair” (that isn’t the funny part) and the other side (under Helen’s watchful eye) “we mow it!”

Hairdressing Service alongside Shuna Hammocks Trichology

I am very lucky to have Helen working with me as the resident hairdresser to help bridge the gap between hairdressing and Trichology. With over 25 years of experience in being a colour technician and senior stylist, Helen’s input is invaluable! Helen explains how hairdressers and trichologists work together to benefit the clients. I like to feel we are a team around the patient/client so support them on every level of their hair concerns. Patients with scalp conditions may need colour applied in a particular way, considerations in disguising a thinning area of hair when cutting and styling and guidance for home drying is a very useful attribute. Helen provides the same supportive and knowledgeable service in hairdressing, in Hair Sanctuary  as I strive for with Trichology in Shuna Hammocks Trichology.

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