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Your Question 1

I have noticed my hair has thinned significantly this year. When brushing and washing my hair, far more has been coming out that usual. My hair used to be very thick! I’m 26 years old, and I fear I wouldn’t be taken seriously if I visited a GP about this. It’s causing me quite a bit of distress.

I would be interested in consultation if possible. However, I understand the current restrictions. I just didn’t want to leave it any longer in case it gets worse.

Kind regards

Miss N

Shuna’s Answer 1

Thank you so much for contacting me, Miss N.

This is a complaint many patients have and particularly in lockdowns where times are different and anxieties are rife. I would want to ask your many questions, especially regarding your family history, diet and lifestyle examples. This would lead to a diagnosis, many women have a generalised hair loss that diffusely affects the hair, while others have patches and pattern thinning.

I am proud to be able to treat all type of loss, sometimes maintaining the condition and most other times improve the volume and therefore the aesthetic look of the hair.

Shuna Hammocks

Your Question 2

Good morning,

I have been having trouble with folliculitis over the past few years, but this year it has become more frequent, and very painful to the point I have noticed some hair loss. I have tried hydrocortisone cream and recently tried a 3-week course of anti-biotics however; sadly, this did not affect.
Many thanks,

Mr D

Shuna’s Answer 2

Dear Mr D,

I appreciate this condition can be very sore and itchy, I feel bad you have suffered for so long. You will have assumed this is a chronic condition and have hopefully been advised about your diet and what to wash your hair with? Since Trichology is a holistic practise, lifestyle and medical history are equally important for me to understand too. Your doctor can provide you with other antifungal treatments (if I confirm this definitely id the condition), supported by my treatments should in time reduce the frequency these prescriptions are required.

Do say if you wish to book an appointment.

Shuna Hammocks

Your Question 3

My hair has been falling out and thinning from the front and top for about 6 months. I am going through an extremely stressful divorce. my doctor just puts it down to stress. my scalp does feel prickly. I am so depressed and anxious I have even tried antidepressants. I no longer even want to go out. Do you think you could help?

Mrs X

Shuna’s Answer 3

Dear Mrs 52-year-old Lady,
My first thoughts of possible conditions, as I do not want to assume it’s the stress unless all else eliminated, is an underactive thyroid or female pattern thinning. I should think there are many people taking medications such as these due to the fact many of the medical profession do not take concerns of hair loss seriously, nor support these patients enough.

Let us arrange either a face to face or zoom appointment to start the diagnosis process off, I look forward to hearing from you.

Shuna Hammocks

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