Wonderful Winter Hair Care Guide From a Professional Trichologist

Wonderful Winter Hair Care Guide From a Professional Trichologist

Winter hair care guide from the professional

I feel like Winter is here! I just love to watch the leaves changing colour. I wonder if winter is approaching now, and we wonder how long each cut and colour may have to last (thanks lockdowns). Have you given thought to change your routine to care for your hair?

The winds, colder temperatures and central heating can dehydrate the hair shaft and leave it porous and prone to split ends. 

Many people take vitamin D to make up for the limited sunlight but for those with scalp conditions: omega 3, Curcumin, vitamin C and Zinc are a must. These help to keep the immune system strong and reduced inflammation. 

I’ve made no secret how important it is to keep hair drying and other heating products to a minimum while your hair may not look quite as “finished” without a full blow-dry. Have you considered leaving the hair to dry as long as possible in the towel and then (if strictly necessary) finishing off with the dryer for 2 minutes on low heat?

Nutrition for healthy hair

I often turn to warmer drinks in the winter, especially Tumeric latte and chamomile tea before bed. We should also watch the water intake – we need 2 litres minimum each day to rehydrate our tissues and organs. Many urine infections are preventable with more water!

For those that eat animal proteins, I suggest two portions daily for the hair benefit. At the same time, vegans may need up to 6 sittings a day of plant proteins.

As a vegetarian, I often have eggs or goat/sheep cheese at lunchtime and fish at night. Each portion benefits the hair for 6 hours!

Top winter hair care tips

  • Be careful with tying hair back that you vary where you tie it, repetitive locations can damage.
  • Swap from a hair band to an invisibobble- it’s much kinder to the outer cubicle of your hair. Maybe twisting it around and securing with a clip could work sometimes?
  • Use a deep conditioning mask such as elastisizer at least weekly
  • Do you always need to brush your hair through twice a day? Maybe on some hair styles, a finger tidy will do, otherwise a gentle comb. This will cause less static and therefore ultimately for the hair to break less.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Feel free to get in touch for your concerns on hair loss or thinning related issues.  

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