Does Bupa cover alopecia?

Some insurers cover Alopecia, and some will just cover the initial consultation. Suppose you are advised that your particular type of Alopecia (there are many) needs regular clinic treatments or the use of specific prescribed home treatments. In that case, you must check that your level of policy covers.

Shuna Hammocks Trichology does not liaise with the insurance companies.

Why is alopecia not covered by insurance?

I can neither confirm nor deny whether this is true but your health insurance provider can answer this and explain if not why. 

Does insurance pay for wigs for alopecia?

No, I do not believe they do. The NHS can provide wigs, but the choice is limited I understand. Please visit here, these people are great and really helpful.

I use a wonderful private company, Trendco, in Hove that offer discounts to those who have received an Alopecia diagnosis.

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