Do steroid injections help alopecia?

Do steroid injections help alopecia?

Yes, sometimes steroid injections can help alopecia. Although I would prefer to get to the root cause first, I would run some blood tests and offer emotional support to the patient. 

In the cases of patches of hair loss, wearing a wig or small hairpiece can sometimes form part of the therapy, since it hides any embarrassment the sufferer may experience. 

How can I reverse alopecia naturally?

This is an almost impossible question to answer without seeing the patients hair and examining it in person. Asking a comprehensive set of health, diet, lifestyle, family history and cleansing habits questions. 

There are so many forms of Alopecia for example Areata, Side effects to medications, nutritional deficiencies, male and female hair loss, scarring forms, etc.

Most patients who have an appointment with me have already tried so hard; being extra gentle with their hair, taking vitamins and eating healthier. 

Some forms of hair loss can be reversed while others take time to maintain or sadly others may not ever fully recover. I can help to clarify and explain further. 

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