Visitors’ Questions of The Week – Vol. 05

Q&A Sessions

Your Question 1

My 16-year-old son’s hair appears to be receding from his forehead in a classic ‘m’ shape. If this is due to Androgen-Dependent Alopecia, is there any treatment you can offer to improve his hairline or to prevent any further hair loss? As a 16-year-old boy, who is very concerned about his appearance, this is causing him significant distress. However, I’m sure you can understand, that as a parent I am concerned that it would be worse for him to be given any false hope of improvement.

Shuna’s Reply

Thank you for contacting me, yes indeed. However I would need to carry out a consultation to determine the diagnosis and then what treatments are possible. I may give him guidance on nutrition and washing habits and be a support to him. You are most welcome to attend and if he is happy for you to be in the consultation great, otherwise we have a cozy sofa and very good coffee waiting for you. 

Your Question 2

My hair is getting increasingly thinner. I started noticing it when I hit 30, and it hasn’t stopped, but now I’ve just turned 40; it seems to be happening more rapidly. The front hairline and at the nape of my neck are very sparse. It’s making me incredibly depressed and upset – I wish I could just shave it all off; I hate my hair so much. It doesn’t really grow much anymore, so keep having it cut shorter and shorter. I’m at my wits end – I have at most half the volume and length I had ten years ago, but possibly less.

Shuna’s Reply

I am sorry for the trouble you are having with your hair, it is so upsetting I know. The first step is for me to ascertain the cause and then consider if any further tests are required. I would examine your hair and scalp, sometimes using a Dermascope to take images. I feel from here careful explanation is best and whether I can slow the problem, stop it or in some cases cosmetically make the most of the volume you have. 

If you decide to attend it would be useful to bring names of any medication you are taking or recently stopped and your Doctors name and address. 

Your Question 3

I’m not sure if I qualify enough to seek specialist help or if this is common. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had thinner hair than everyone in my family; I always feel like I’m “moulting” and I feel like a considerable amount comes out each time I wash and brush my hair, to the extent where I need to remove it from the drain/hairbrush. Having thinner hair affects my confidence, and I know it’s natural for some people to have lighter hair than others, but the rate it comes out concerns me. I’ve been to a doctor about it which they did blood tests, and everything was fine; they then just told me to use baby shampoo, which doesn’t really change anything.

Shuna’s Reply

Thank you for reaching out; yes, indeed, you do qualify. It would be helpful if you do attend to obtain a copy of the blood test results for me, please- it may be that your blood values are ok for general health but not quite adequate for hair. There are genetic factors to consider, but I am hopeful it is possible to improve your density to a degree. I am interested in helping you since the loss is newer to you; something has changed in your life, emotional health, diet, or hormones.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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