For scalp psoriasis, see a Trichologist


For scalp psoriasis, see a Trichologist!

I contacted Shuna for 2 reasons; an allergic reaction to a drug that caused a nasty flare up of psoriasis that had been under control for many years, but also because for 2 years I’d been very concerned about changes in my hair and hairdressers always dismissed them as ‘nothing to worry about because it was just age related’.

I’d used a Trichologist some 15 years ago after a previous drug allergy which was far worse than 2nd time around so I knew the way forward was to see a Trichologist because NHS dermatology don’t know how to effectively treat scalp psoriasis as its not the same as skin. Plus there was the hair thinning that was getting worse which I didn’t think was purely down to multiple autoimmune diseases and medications.

Shuna was brilliant! With the 2 products and the instructions she prescribed my scalp psoriasis started to feel better from the first few treatments after several weeks of what could only be described as suicidal itching as I have psorebic arthritis that had also triggered skin. Oddly because I shower I found the hair products on my skin also helped massively.

As for the thinning hair, I hadn’t been imagining it, Shuna diagnosed Female Pattern Thinning. Once the psoriasis had cleared up, Shuna prescribed some scalp drops to try and halt the hair loss. My hair scalp has responded well and grown new hair albeit slower in one particular area than I’d like. But there is new hair coming through which is the important part.

It’s reassuring to know that I have the products in the cupboard ready to tackle any immediate flare ups, the drops for treating the hair loss, but also Shuna is just a phone call or email away for ordering more products or for a check up.

Sally Leggatt

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