Made my hair look so much better and gave me confidence

After one treatment and consultation with Shuna, we knew exactly what we were dealing with!

I was becoming aware of my hair thinning in two areas: on top at the front and at the back of my head. This left patches of scalp showing which I found rather embarrassing and depressing.

Luckily I found Shuna and at the first consultation she quickly found the cause was genetic and hormonal. Shuna provided treatment to be used daily which I thought was going to be a bind but I soon got used to that especially as you look forward to your improved hair growth. Shuna was honest to tell me that my hair would not be quite like before but there would be around a 60% growth success. 

So after the continued use of all the advice given at my first check up my hair definitely improved. 

Thank you Shuna for your expert help that made my hair look so much better and gave me confidence.

Miss L

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