How to Take Care of Hair in Summer – Beat the Heat and Keep Your Hair Happy!

How to Take Care of Hair in Summer - Beat the Heat and Keep Your Hair Happy!

Hey everyone, Shuna here! It might still be a bit chilly out there, but a trichologist like me always thinks ahead to summer woes. You regulars know I’m not a huge fan of heat styling – daily blowouts and straightening fry your hair, even with “heat protectant” products. (Think of them like oiling a chip before throwing it in the fryer!)

Some folks complain about specific areas, like their bangs or sides, needing constant straightening because they just won’t behave. Here’s the thing: there could be a few reasons behind this:

  • Highlights and Sun: Bleached hair and summer sun are not best friends. Highlights with high peroxide can make hair more porous and prone to breakage.
  • Deep Conditioning: Are you giving your hair a weekly moisture boost with deep conditioners? It helps fight back against dryness from summer and highlights.
  • Protein Power: Hair needs protein for strength. Aim for two portions of animal protein daily or spread 4-5 plant-based protein sources throughout the day. If I suspect a deficiency, I might even run a blood test.
  • Ditch the Scalp Scrubbers: I’m not a fan of those trendy hair-washing brushes. Fingertip massage is all you need to cleanse your scalp without causing breakage or wasting money on plastic gadgets.
  • Conditioner Confusion: Shampoo lowers your hair’s pH (that’s how it removes grease). After that, a small amount of conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends (comb it through if your hair is long) is way more practical for detangling and preventing static than a leave-in spray.

Chewed Ends Myth: I often hear this: “I haven’t cut my hair in a year to grow it long” or “I’m scared to trim my thinning hair.” Here’s the deal: Healthy hair grows about an inch a month, so even a trim of 2 inches a year only sets you back a few months of growth. But you’ll have lovely blunt ends instead of split, frayed ones, which actually helps you reach those longer hair goals.

Hair loss can be stressful, but neither shaving it all off (looking at you, guys!) nor letting it grow out thin and wispy will help. Most hair loss conditions are treatable, so chances are you don’t have one of the rare untreatable ones.

Summer Hair Heroes

Are you packing for your summer escape? Don’t forget to protect your hair and scalp! A scarf, wide headband, or stylish SPF hat are great options. For those who prefer a product, I love Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap. Use a tiny amount, like a styling product, before swimming and rinse it afterwards.

Embrace Your Natural Texture

Summer’s the perfect time to ditch the heat styling! Try air-drying your hair. An absorbent cap can encourage curls overnight or let it dry naturally until almost completely dry before a quick cool-down with the dryer on the lowest setting. You might be surprised how manageable and flattering your natural hair texture can be!

As always, please post your questions in the comments below. Is there a specific hair concern you’d like me to address next?

Here’s to warmer (hair-friendly) weather!

Shuna, your friendly neighbourhood trichologist

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