Does Bupa Insurance cover Alopecia Treatment in the UK?

Do steroid injections help alopecia?

Hi everyone, Shuna Hammocks here! Today, I want to address a common question I receive: does Bupa cover alopecia?

Understanding Bupa Insurance Coverage

The world of insurance can be a bit complex, and coverage for alopecia varies depending on your specific Bupa policy. Here’s how to find out:

  • Review your policy documents: This is the best starting point. Look for sections on dermatology or chronic conditions. If you’re unsure, contact Bupa directly.
  • Contact Bupa: Their friendly customer service team can explain your specific coverage and answer any questions.

Hair Loss Treatment Considerations

While Bupa might not cover all aspects of alopecia treatment, they might cover consultations or specific treatments depending on your situation.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Type of Alopecia: Different types of alopecia have different treatment approaches. Be sure to discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan with your dermatologist.
  • Treatment Options: Certain treatments, like medications or consultations, might be covered under your plan.

Wig Options and Support

Let’s talk wigs! While insurance coverage for wigs might be limited, there are still great options available:

  • NHS Wigs: The NHS offers wigs, and although choices might be limited, it’s definitely worth exploring.
  • Trendco: This fantastic private company in Hove provides discounts for alopecia patients. They offer a more comprehensive selection of wigs, which can be a big boost in confidence.

Remember, you’re not alone!

If you have questions about alopecia or treatment options, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified trichologist. They can guide you through the process and provide personalised advice.

Shuna Hammocks Trichology is always here to support your hair health journey!

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