Helen Beddard

Helen Beddard

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My name is Helen Beddard and I have joined Shuna Hammocks Trichology as the in house hairdresser and clinical assistant. I am fascinated with the subject of trichology and want to further my knowledge of hair and scalp conditions. With over 25 years’ experience in the world of hairdressing, I am equally as passionate about hair as Shuna and Kelly both are.

Where It All Started

I work as a hairdresser and Creative Director at Essentials, Toni & Guy in Haywards Heath. I felt that the time was right to combine my experience and my enormous empathy towards understanding hair and scalp disorders and take it further. I may undertake the Trichology course at a later date.

How Do Hairdressers & Trichologists Work Together?

Shuna tells me that I am a fantastic asset to the company and patients have already remarked how my ideas surrounding hair colour and style have helped to disguise a thinning hair condition for example. I can also guide you on these matters and in overcoming any challenges you may face if for example you have a scalp condition but would still like to colour your hair.

My Hopes For The Future of Hair

Shuna is very happy to discuss your condition with your hair dresser and work together in order to achieve the look you want whilst still keeping your hair and scalp healthy and this alone can boost your confidence from a styling point of view. When our hair looks good we feel good and every day should be a “good hair day” don’t you think?

Looking to the future I hope there will be a seamless approach between Trichologists, doctors, alternative therapists and hair dressers for the benefit of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.