Why Choosing Shuna Hammocks?

Why Shuna Is Different?

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A patient recently asked me “What can you do for female pattern thinning that other clinics or Trichologists can’t? What makes you different?”

I replied that in addition to being an Institute of Trichologist’s member and a holistic practitioner. I can offer ways actually to halt the thinning in its tracks. There are solutions available from chemists that claim to do this when at best they grow a little hair, but the partings continue to become wider and more visible.

Dr. Rodney Dawber presenting the Full Membership certificate to Shuna Hammocks (2007)

I feel treating the underlying reason for the hair becoming finer is more acceptable to the patient. The density is maintained; as a result, using an anti-androgen solution (with or without Minoxidil) depending on the scalp condition and tissue tolerance.

Hair AnatomyJust today, I received two email inquiries which said: “my doctor has carried out blood tests which are fine/being dealt with and yet still two years on my hair, on the top of my head, is thinner. Can you help?”

To this I reply most likely, I am ethically bound to be honest. So I am careful not to say yes until I’m certain of the condition and its severity. The situation sounds to be female pattern hereditary hair loss (since 25% of the population are affected it’s likely to be) and I know how many hundreds of patients of mine are happy with what my topical treatment can do for their hair.

The other thing to note is that while some GP’s are unaware of what Trichologists do/can do, there is an excellent non-invasive answer to this condition that still so many people live with when they could be treating it.

What Patients Say About Shuna's Treatment?

…I went back for my second consultation and had some very positive news on how the treatment was working. I am really happy with the way things are progressing and look forward to seeing further results over the next few months.

Samantha Butcher

Go to the link to read Samantha’s full testimonial about her hair loss treatment by me at Shuna Hammocks Trichology.

…I cannot recommend you strongly enough to anyone who is experiencing hair loss. Your professionalism, knowledge and uplifting manner inspire hope and confidence, and the treatment drops have worked wonders on my thinning hair…

Julie X

Here is Julie’s full testimonial in her own words.