Can Treatment Stop Hair Loss?

If like so many patients I see, you have had a negative response from your doctor or feel your concerns about your hair loss are not being given the attention or empathy you deserve: you should consider seeking advice and hair loss treatment from a trichologist. Shuna Hammocks Trichology is based in West Sussex and is well experienced in dealing with alopecia symptoms and can answer the question “why is my hair thinning?”.

Can Treatment Stop Hair Loss

Whilst trichology is not currently available on NHS, many people feel so upset by the changes that they see in the mirror, that vast amounts money is spent on “miracle cures”. It is with this respect that a hair and scalp specialist- particularly those with years of experience can sympathetically diagnose the hair loss cause and treat hair problems.

All ages of women consult Sussex trichology, including investigating hair loss in older women causes and treatment. Hair loss help is at hand with Shuna Hammocks, Trichologist in Haywards Heath.

There is so much information available on the Internet about various disorders of the hair via “Dr Google” while there may be some factual guidance, on the whole its opinion based and not from a qualified author or a scientific resource. Hair loss remedies, hair loss cures, herbal hair loss shampoos and which hair loss treatment work best- are questions assuming there is a single product to “cure all”, there are many aspects to diagnosing your condition- save your money on these “miracle cures” !