• Q. Do I need to bring anything with me?
    A. The names and dosages of any medication you are on or have recently been taking would be useful, as would your GP name and address. I would also like details of any nutritional supplements you are currently taking. If you have recently had a blood test, please request a copy to bring with you.
  • Q. Can I bring a companion with me?
    A. Yes, You may find it useful to have a friend or relative with you as there will be a lot of information to take in.
  • Q. Will I need to attend the clinic regularly?
    A. This varies from one patient to another; during your consultation I will be able to advise the best treatment plan for you.
  • Q. Would you see children?
    A. Yes, I am happy to consult a child but please do not bring them with head lice. An appropriate treatment for this can be bought over the counter from a pharmacy.
  • Q. Can I claim on my health insurance?
    A. Check with your insurance company, but unfortunately, Trichology is often not covered.
  • Q. I live some way away; can you send products by post?
    A. Following your initial consultation, yes, however periodic follow up appointments will be required in order for your prescription to remain up to date.
  • Q. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, can you see me?
    A. While I can advise you on the best hair care regimen at present, it would be more appropriate to see you three months after the cessation of the treatment. I would also need your specialist’s details.