Central Centrifugal Alopecia for Afro-Caribbean Hair

Traction Alopecia often occurs from the hair being pulled back tightly particularly in those in a bunch or hair bun for example. However, it is most often seen within the afro-Caribbean community who traditionally braided their hair often from childhood. This can also cause a specific form of scarring hair loss known as Central Centrifugal Alopecia.

In the past hair extensions, also caused considerable traction on the hair, however, techniques have vastly improved and traction is minimal these days. If traction alopecia has occurred over several years this presents as most often in hairs lost along the front hairline.

The pulling on the follicles caused by traction alopecia from hair extensions, if of short duration, with sufficient and through counselling of hair care- can be halted and reversed. However, if the choice of hair piece has been worn for many years without a break in between or superior enough treatment applied, unfortunately, the thinning and patches of loss may be permanent.

This can be compared to when eyebrow hair is plucked out for years, eventually the follicle will stop producing the same quality of hair if at all.