Cradle Cap

Children Cradle Cap Treatment

Cradle cap is the baby form of, Pityriasis Amiantacea which is a condition that affects adult scalps. This scaly condition of the scalp commonly occurs in babies up to 3 months old. Cradle cap can be uncomfortable for the baby but is not actually harmful. The associated scratching could lead to infection.

The best way to treat cradle cap is a little-warmed olive oil. If a small amount of warm olive oil is applied onto the area, spread with either cotton wool or the finger tips and massaged in gently. I suggest it is left on as a treatment for 5-10 minutes and shampoo off. This should be repeated every few days until the scaling reduces and is under control.

Daily shampooing removes dead skin cells from the scalp and will help to prevent cradle cap. Scientific studies suggest that some types of milk can cause cradle cap.