Vitamin Deficiency Hair Loss in Children

Children Vitamin Deficiency Hair Loss

As Trichology is considered to be a holistic practice, a significant part of my initial consultation is advising on the importance of proper nutrition.

After the cells in the intestines, the scalp hair cells are the most prolific, in their rapidity of division in the body. The clear benefit to well-balanced nutrition is good health, and as a result and also as a barometer of health, the hair, skin and nails should reflect this.

The hair is considered to be “non-essential tissue” therefore in disease, or if the diet is lacking nutrients, the body will prioritise the stored energy for the vital organs. Many dietary deficiencies and influences cause specific trichological conditions, therefore correcting and adjusting what we eat could be considered part of the treatment.

Children can obviously have the same deficiencies as adults and Vitamin D is one of the most common deficiencies at this time. It plays a part in cell division and healing, relevant to scalp conditions and even helps to support most mental health disorders. Often taking a multivitamin containing Vitamin D is not enough.