Causes Of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow Hair Loss

There are many possible causes of eyebrow hair loss, depending on the exact symptoms and medical history that may accompany your hair or scalp complaints. This can include pitting or ridging of the fingernails, loss of body and facial hair, and loss of eyebrow hairs or eyelashes.

What causes eyebrow hair loss?

Other hair loss conditions that may be autoimmune and can also be eyebrow hair loss causes include an underactive thyroid or vitiligo, termed “markers of underlying conditions”. It would be a trichologist’s responsibility to highlight these to the patient’s GP for further testing, as these can also be investigated privately. In addition, nutritional deficiencies such as pernicious anaemia (an inability to properly absorb B12) and, of course, anxiety and stress-related hair loss can also cause an overall reduction in the hair’s density. Patients with this concern often find their anxiety and hair loss are connected.

The photo included here shows an example of one condition that could affect eyebrows, eyelashes, facial and pubic hair. This type of hair thinning is found in women regularly seen at Shuna Hammocks Trichology in West Sussex. These symptoms caused the sufferer much distress, as the eyebrows define the face, and this hair loss has dramatically altered both eyebrows and hairline. Thinning hair and eyelashes can be extremely worrying and upsetting for patients.

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (FFA)

This Lichen Planus variant often begins with hair loss in both the eyebrows and the sideburn areas. The front hairline then loses hair, causing the forehead to appear higher. Unfortunately, this permanent condition destroys the hair follicles and can understandably cause sufferers anxiety and distress.

This condition isn’t always visible and may need to be inspected using a DermaScope, which we use here at Shuna Hammocks Trichology to monitor this condition. Therefore, when patients ask if their eyebrow hair loss, or losing eyelashes, is related to the frontal scalp hair, it sadly is.

So, if you’re concerned about your scalp’s health or have any of the symptoms mentioned above, get in touch for a full consultation and treatment plan.

Treatment for loss of eyebrows and eyelashes

Following your consultation at Shuna Hammocks Trichology, we can sympathetically manage your concerns and guide you and your hair back to health. There may be an occasion to arrange blood tests, such as checking iron stores and thyroid levels. Other conditions, such as patches of Alopecia Areata, could also cause eyebrow loss. Shuna Hammocks Trichology are passionate about supporting our patients through this, as any hair loss is frightening and treating it with your bespoke regimen at home; you may wish to call, text or email us to ‘check-in. We also periodically offer to track the changes to your hair by DermaScope photo.

FAQs on Eyebrow Hair Loss

Question: Can I get my eyebrows to grow back?
Answer: This depends. As a Trichologist, I often see eyebrow loss occur due to a hair loss condition on the scalp. While thinning eyebrows can occur with age, this is more likely to be caused by an autoimmune condition. It depends on the cause of the hair loss as to whether the hair loss will be permanent, improve, or even grow back ultimately.

Question: How do I stop my eyebrow hairs from falling out?
Answer: If you overpluck your eyebrows, this can cause hair loss. However, if you also have a hair loss condition and are concerned about your eyebrow hair loss, we can help. Eyebrow hair loss on one side can be caused by surgery or, for example, chickenpox scars or acne. Still, it can also occur due to autoimmune conditions, as mentioned above.

Question: What medical conditions involve losing hair from the eyebrows?
Answer: Eyebrow hairs can fall out if you have alopecia areata, which can also affect the fingernails. An underactive thyroid can also play a part in eyebrow hair loss, which would need to be diagnosed with a blood test – something we can help you with. Eyebrows falling out is a frequent concern for men, but the above reasons can be the same for both men and women.

Question: Does using an eyebrow pencil cause baldness?
Answer: Not! However, for those going through eyebrow hair loss, semi-permanent tattooing is another popular option. Many of my patients going through the menopause choose to use this method. I am frequently asked whether eyebrow loss happens due to menopause, but currently, no medical evidence suggests that this can occur due to hormone changes.

Question: How do you fix thinning eyebrows?
Answer: These days, we are lucky that many cosmetic options such as HD brows, semi-permanent tattooing and tinting can all enhance and thicken the look of your eyebrows.

Question: What promotes eyebrow hair growth?
Answer: As with all types of hair growth, a healthy diet and lifestyle will increase the speed of hair growth. Keeping the area clean and not overplucking are also helpful tips.