Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Postpartum Hair Loss – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Hair loss after birth, or Postpartum hair loss, is a frequent concern of all new mothers. I thought it would be useful for these ladies to describe hair loss after pregnancy, as I am regularly asked about it in the clinic.

The hair loss associated with pregnancy is a normal and predictable hair cycle process. During the 9-month gestation period, the hair loss dramatically slows and, in some cases, ceases completely and continuously grows. This is why our hair looks and feels its very best and fullest during pregnancy.

After birth or the cessation of breastfeeding where appropriate, the hair loss, which is perceived to be accelerated, begins.

Treatment for Hair Loss after Pregnancy

The hair loss can be seen when washing and grooming the hair and also causes certain areas of the hair to be less dense. This is simply the nine months of hair not lost “catching up”! It is only when this loss continues beyond 9-12 months that further investigations should be carried out, in the first instance via blood test, as a specific deficiency may be present.

The patient may also complain they feel very tired, which, as any Mother reading this knows- new babies like to wake up at night, resulting in fatigue. But at, for example, ten months, when the baby is sleeping longer, and the Mother still feels shattered, something must be done. Another symptom of this extended hair loss can be increased body bruising.

Further Reading on Hair Loss after Pregnancy

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