Carbohydrates for healthy hair

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It goes without saying that we shouldn’t only consume proteins and that a well-balanced diet is essential. Carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are crucial and should be incorporated into the day. There are carbohydrates in vegetables, the highest being sweet potatoes, corn and quinoa. The lowest being celery, spinach and asparagus. We need these with the animal or plant-based proteins discussed to metabolise the proteins so that our bodies can digest and store the nutrients more effectively.

I have seen many patients following carbohydrate exclusion diets, and despite the protein levels being higher than ever, the hair still suffers.

We advise drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, and this should be increased if caffeinated drinks are taken, as these dehydrate. During times of reduced fluid intake, our bodies take the water from our bowel which is why the bowel habits change.

The NHS (2017) advises five portions of fresh fruit or vegetables daily is good, but ten are better! Many foods are required to interact together; for example, vitamin C is needed to convert ferric iron to ferrous, which is more readily absorbed whereas tannin from black tea will prevent the uptake of iron from foods and supplements.

Following a consultation and perhaps blood tests, we can discuss your specific requirements further.