Nuts for healthy hair

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Nuts are an amazing source of fat, fibre and most importantly for hair protein.

Most are high in omega 3 and 6, magnesium and Vitamin E. Due to the anti-inflammatory nature of omega 3 in particular, nuts are useful in helping to prevent metabolic disease too such as high blood pressure and elevated bad cholesterols.

  1. Almonds 28g (these can particularly help balance blood sugars) 161 Kcals, 14g fat, 6g protein, 35g fibre.
  2. Brazils 28g (high source of selenium which is important to hair formation) 182 Kcals, 18g Fat, 4g protein, 2g Fibre
  3. Cashew 28g (great anti-oxidant) 155 kcals, 12g fat, 5g protein, 1g fibre
  4. Peacan 28g (can lower bad LDL cholesterol) 193kcals, 20g fat, 3g protein, 2,5g fibre
  5. Hazelnuts 28g (have beneficial results on heart disease risk factors) 176 kcals, 9g fat, 6g Protein, 3.5g fibre

Nuts Summary
Nuts appear to be one of the healthiest snacks you can eat, the beneficial effects on health are attributed to the fact they are unprocessed with no added ingredients. When combined with a healthy diet (see examples given) can help with general health complaints and hugely with the quality and resilience of your hair.