Sample Meal Plan for Carnivores

Here is a sample carnivorous meal plan for healthy hair and scalp.


It is considered to be the most important meal of the day, as it “breaks the fast” of sleeping.

Two eggs on a slice of wholemeal toast, asparagus tips, diluted fresh fruit juice.

Three rashers of lean bacon, grilled tomato, a slice of rye bread (goats butter), a portion of blueberries.

Smoked salmon 120g, cherry tomatoes’, grated cucumber, one kiwi.

Morning Snack

Humous and carrot sticks, green tea

Apple and peanut butter

Six cashew nuts and handful of grapes


240g cottage cheese, crackers/oat cakes, side salad teaspoon of olive oil

Mackerel fillets 100g, roasted vegetables, 2 tablespoons couscous, soya yogurt

Six cashew nuts and handful of grapes

Afternoon Snack

Oatcakes with sliced bananas

Unsalted nuts and dried cranberries


Either second protein choice or could be a vegetarian option such as baked bans on toast if already taken two proteins.