Sample Meal Plan for Vegetarians & Vegans

It is essential that meal and snack planning in this category is thorough as the hair will otherwise, without sufficient nutrients, be compromised in both quality and potentially the speed of growth and attainable length.

It is suggested that vegetables are eaten with their skins on where possible (simply scrubbed clean). Fruit and vegetables should be as fresh as possible (ideally organic). Particular importance must be on eating/and or supplementing to be certain protein, iron, B12, and zinc in to mention a few are inadequate.

  • B12 can be found in eggs (if prepared to consume), yoghurt- could be sheep or goats, coconut and a little can be found in some nuts and yeast extract.
  • Iron is available from tofu, spinach, dried apricots, cashew nuts and whole grains.
  • Zinc is found in most kinds of milk, peas and pumpkin seeds.

Here is a sample vegetarian/vegan meal plan for healthy hair and scalp.


Granola, plenty of omega-rich seeds (sunflower, linseed and pumpkin) with some dried fruits such as dates. Served with almond milk/cashew as an additional protein source.

Fresh berries (blueberries great anti oxidants), ground almonds, goats yogurt, slice of spelt brad with organic honey.

Tofu scrambled with mushrooms, served on a bed of spinach drizzled in olive oil and garlic.

Quinoa (best soaked overnight), chai seeds with coconut milk with grated apple and cinnamon to taste.

Morning Snack

Handful of dried fruits (goji berries are low in fruit sugars), 6 brazil nuts and 12 almonds.

Fresh apples slices dipped into peanut butter.


Lentils, chopped tomato, onion and cucumber salad dressed in olive oil and fresh lime squeezed over. Fruit and soya yoghurt.

Roasted vegetable pizza (wholemeal flour if possible), topped with goats cheese, pine nuts, season. Slice of melon.

Quorn sausages x 2, mashed sweet potato, green beans. Stewed apple and dairy free ice cream.

Afternoon Snack

Sliced banana on toast or rice cake.

Celery sticks and soya soft cheese.


Small vegetable and cashew nut stir fry, peanut sauce, oyster mushrooms and water chestnuts. Few dried dates.

Pompidou peppers stuffed with feta, couscous, parsley and mini pita breads.

Tofu omelette made with spring onions, green peppers and paprika. Rhubarb crumble made with chopped nuts grilled and mixed with a little pure honey.

Evening Snack

Humous and oatcakes.

If at least one portion of an animal-based protein can be taken per day (eg cheese or eggs) then 2 of the three snacks listed above may be removed.