Hair Transplants

Hair Transplants / Restoration Surgery

Hair restoration surgery is where your own hair is surgically “transplanted” hairs are taken from the rear of your scalp (donor site) to the thinning areas recipient site. In the vast majority of cases, hair transplant surgery is undertaken in male and female genetic hair loss. However, transplants are also undertaken in the cases of scarred areas in the cases of for example other scalp surgery.

Unfortunately, not all patients are suitable candidates for a transplant. There are many factors to consider including the severity of thinning area, the suitability of the donor site, the individual’s expectation, hair type/ per square cm. This surgery can be a useful way to boost the density of one’s hair.

It is vital that you choose a surgeon who is a medical doctor; while the procedure sounds simple it actually requires a great deal of skill and experience. A referral to an experienced surgeon can be arranged on your behalf.