Neuroeczema / Dermatitis

Neuroeczema / Dermatitis

Dermatitis - Causes, Signs & Treatment

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This problem most frequently occurs at the back of the patient’s scalp, extending often to the back of the neck. It is associated with the central nervous system and nerves below the skin surface here. The skin feels rough to the touch (Lichenification) and can be really itchy- however scratching actually makes the condition worse! It is most important the feeling is controlled in order to prevent the skin breaking (lesions) to prevent infection so easily passed from touching.

Treatment of this condition focuses on soothing the irritation, reducing the flakes and advising about the anxiety and stress surrounding the cause.

Due to trichology having a holistic approach various factors are taken into consideration when diagnosing and treating dermatitis. Questions surrounding general health, particularly the immune system and stressful situations are relevant here, the way in which the hair is groomed and washed, changes to hormones (for example starting or stopping a contraceptive pill) are some of the topics of discussion.

This condition is a frequently seen at Shuna Hammocks Trichology. Please read this post of a patient with a scalp complaint.

Irritant Dermatitis

Another form of Dermatitis is Irritant Dermatitis.

This condition is often caused by a substance which when applied for the first time in strong concentrations such as bleach or a relaxer (sodium hydroxide). It can also occur when diluted concentrations of for example shampoo are used over an elongated period of time.

This is often the case in hairdressers where clients can find after years of exactly the same tint being used, a reaction suddenly occurs. That substance is called the primary irritant and the reaction caused may be exacerbated by further by exposure to the subsequent irritant with the same ingredient. This reaction may be inflammatory but differs from an allergic reaction.