Worried about Afro Type 4C with Frontal Crown Thinning. Can you help?

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Visitor’s Question:

I have Afro type 4c hair with frontal crown thinning and this is also causing my natural hair to knot. I think I may need to wear a wig but would prefer not to as I am so embarrassed about my appearance!

I am really worried about this as it’s very hard to cover my patches now. The thinning is Long standing and gradually getting worse.

My hairdresser said I must get professional advice from a Trichologist as my GP didn’t help.
Asked by Mrs C (52 years old)

Shuna’s Answer:

Dear Mrs X,

Thank you for your inquiry.

I have extensive experience with consulting patients with your hair type and all forms of Afro hair.

In your consultation, I would be interested to hear full details of all relaxers, weaves, corn rows, and permanently applied extensions you’ve had/have. Also about any oils, you use on your hair and scalp and your routine for conditioning and any other oil based products used.

In addition, I will ask you about your family history, diet, medications taken (including alternative ones).

I work Monday to Saturday and look forward to helping you with your concerns.


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